Creepy unexplained youtube channels

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Marble Hornets Entry #1 Watch on Marble Hornets is a YouTube series based off the Slender Man mythos/ creepypasta. The story follows Troy Wagner, a young man who tries to piece together the mystery. The same channel features two other videos, equally bizarre. ... 2008's Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv is perhaps one of the most famous Creepypasta YouTube videos of all ... the complete origin of the video remains unexplained but it is believed that the man featured in the video is a digital marketing coordinator named Byron Cortez and most.

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9 Scary & Unexplained YouTube ChannelsSubscribe to Top 10s from Top 10s counts down the 9 Scary & Unexplained YouT. Uploaded by chestertyler714 in 2009, Real Demons Caught On Tape, is a special effects showcase of a very high skill level. Back in 2009, the consumer technology easily existed to make an ashy hand.

YouTube deleted nearly a deleted dozen channels over the weekend without any human response. Meanwhile, channels allegedly "facilitating the sexual exploitation of children" are still allowed on the.

Step 1: Prepare Pumpkin. Make top cover big enough, so you can later easily put and connect all things together. The nose round hole could be used for PIR Module sensor. Also make a hole in the back of the pumpkin for the 5V Power Adapter cable. In the bottom, make two holes where the zip-tie will go through and fix the servo motor on the bottom.